We’re not going to pretend that money has always been easy for us or that we’re the most knowledgeable about how to handle every money issue – but we have developed a system ( budget) that is right for us and has helped us become debt free (no, this is not a Dave Ramsey plug).

Listen to this episode to find out how we manage our budget using a system of “buckets”.  The key is to always pay it forward.

Below you will find examples of our working budgeting documents.  This is how we track our income, expenses, and what we’re putting into “buckets” to spend in the future.  We use shared Google Docs so we each have access whenever/where ever we are, which allows us to update and keep track as soon as income has come in or a purchase has been made.  

We had always been good at tracking where our money went, but it wasn’t until Jonathan listened to the book “You Need a Budget” that we really started to come to grips with what budgeting truly is.  It has been a life changer for us and we highly recommend it!

Make sure to check out the next episode to learn about Buried Treasure!

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