Our adventure has taken us back to Northern California where we have settled down for a bit to get ready for the long road east…. and to catch up on hammock time!

Just me, 40 days worth of beard… and my hammock
Wonderful old advertisement saved in one Aunt Deana’s most treasured cookbooks
Had to make the pilgrimage to one of the best breweries on the planet, and I got a new sticker for the Jeep
This coin was given to my brother-in-law Jason, for his help and service during the 2017 evacuation of Oroville CA.
Took the kids to see Grandpa Bompa and of course we left him a slurped straw bouquet.
We also got to check in and visit Grandpa Boggs. Left a status report that we finished our time in the Air Force. I wish we could have shared the whole journey with him.
Softball tourney at Nelson Field, and an amazing view of Table Mountain.

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